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About our sawmill

We deal with wood production, complex work with wood and professional wood treatment.

Pila Jirven was founded in 1992 by the brothers Jiří and Václav Pavlov in a beautiful corner of the town of Rtyně v Podkrkonoší called "Na Písku".

We offer you complex services in the field of wood production:

- log cut

- production and supply of construction lumber

- production and supply of joinery lumber

- beams, boards and planks

- wood impregnation in a soaking bath with Bochemite QB

- manufactured dried joinery lumber


Photos from our sawmill

Points of Interest

What and how is the spruce used?

In the Czech Republic, spruce is the most widespread and available domestic tree. Its representation in the composition of tree species in Czech forests is around 52%. It is also planted in parks and gardens as an ornamental tree, at Christmas it is also the most widespread Christmas tree, a source of fuel and structural wood in commercial forests.   Spruce has soft, long-fibered, light, at the same time relatively strong and flexible wood, easy to split, tough, quick-drying. At humidity levels above 15-20%, spruce is an attractive food for all kinds of wood-destroying pests. But it is very durable in the dry.   Spruce has a wide variety of uses. As a building material, it is used for above-ground and underground constructions, masts, columns, bridge constructions, roof constructions, frame and massive constructions of wooden buildings, from beams to underfills.   Spruce wood is wellstained, painted and stained. Staining the planks and foshan even brings out the grain of the wood and is very easy to do. In contrast, spruce wood is very difficult to impregnate, and therefore vacuum-pressure impregnation chambers are most often used for deep impregnation.  

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